Stiavelli weighing technology, automatic checkweighers with integrated metal detectors

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Vertical Form Fill Seal
machines for bagging various products -

VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal machines are designed
to pack various product into bags made from the
packaging film in reels.

Several differed models are available in order
to suit specific requirement of particular products.
Stiavelli VFFS equipment can form variety of different
styles of bags to suit the product and marketing

The filling of the product is controlled by one of
several different dosing systems; Multihead
Combination Weighers
, Volumetric Filler,
Auger Filler, Pendular Weighers, or special systems.

Current bagging machines are the result of many
years of field experience and machine development.


  • SVK - Intermittent Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal machine.
  • SVM - Continuous Motion High Speed Bagging Machine.
  • SVMA - Versatile Vertical Form Fill Seal machinery.
  • SVMC - Continuous Motion High Speed VFFS Machine.
  • SVMC-1/SDFQ - Carousel for Brick bags integrated with Vertical Form Fill Seal machine.
  • SVMC-SNACK - High Speed VFFS machinery with integrated weighing system for snack packaging.


Complete turn-keys food processing and packaging
solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on
to discuss your application.

Stiavelli Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine for long pasta with integrated weighing system

SVMA Stiavelli VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal machines

Stiavelli VFFS product samples.

Stiavelli Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine for long pasta with integrated weighing system

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